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Cake Mixer

5 Litre

cake mixer machine suppliers

8 Litre

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10 Litre

machines for hotels and bakeries

20 Litre

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30 Litre

bakery machine manufacturers

40 Litre

cake mixer machine manufacturers

50 Litre

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60 Litre

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100 Litre

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80 Litre

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Cake Mixer-Heavy Duty (50 Ltr)

dough Sheeter machine manufacturers

Cake Mixer-4 Speed (50 Ltr)

bread slicer machine

Cake Portioning

bakery machines
* Touch panel with memory setup.
Easily changed bottom plate.

Dough Nut Cutting

cake mixer machine suppliers
* One Filling (butter cream, custard and soft chocolate filling)
Perform precisely, smoothly and effectively

Horizontal Mixer Machine

hot case machine
* With 4 Speed 50 Ltrs. Bowl
with 1 HP Ele. motor

Cake Mixer-Single Speed

bakery machines suppliers
* Single Speed 30 Ltrs. / 50 Ltrs. Bowl.
with 1HP Ele. motor


Model Dimension (cm) Power (W) Voltage Capacity (Bowl/Dry Flour)
VFM10 43x32x66 450 220V 10L/1.7kgs
VFM15 44x33x70 450 220V 15L/2.2kgs
VFM20 54x42x76 750 220V/380V 20L/4kgs
VFM30 59x44x83 1100 220V/380V 30L/5kgs
VFM40 52x49x99 1500/1100 220V/380V 40L/7.5kgs