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Mangal Bakery Machines

With Mangal Machines You are buying more than a MACHINE & you are Guaranteed.

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Food Processing Equipments

The reality of an EXPERIENCED manufacturer

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Mangal Bakery Machineries

Checkout high quality latest designs of our machines.

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Innovations & Adoptability

We adopt as per industry requirements and we serve our best.

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Best Bakery Machines Manufacturers in India !

What We Assure You?

Quality Assured

The choice of successful bakery owners all over India. You will save time.

Service Assured

The choice of successful bakery owners all over India. You will save time.

Why Mangal Bakery Machines

The choice of successful bakery owners all over India. You will save time.

Research & Development

1. Installation and initial testing on the client's premises carried out by specialized Company personnel.
2. Our representatives offer technical assistance and spare parts service around the nation.

The Present

1. Prestige Industry for electric motors
2. Mangal Fabs, for Fabrication
3. Mangal Industries for Bakery accessories
4. Mangal Founders for castings
5. Mangal Appliances for Home appliance

Future Plans & Forecast

1. MMW is planning to collaborate with some Countries abroad to expand and to bring quality machines to the Bakery Business.

Mangal Bakery Machines

Is one of the oldest bakery machines manufacturer in India. And is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and sales of bakery equipments. The company is combined with one excellent team of high talented staff, and we also have one of the perfect after sales service network.

The major products of the company include the full series of Planetary Mixer, Dough Kneader, Dough Divider, Dough Rounder, Bun Divider, Dough Moulder, Dough Sheeter, Electric and Gas Ovens, Rotary Ovens, Cookie Dropping, Bread Slicers and so on... We also make machines as per customer requirements.

We always regard the customer satisfaction as our first aim, through warm service. We will strive to make contribution to the prosperous development of Indian Bakery Industry.

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